Elite 2 Range

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  • pdf_20 Elite 2 – EURO 5
    pdf_20 ELITE 2 EURO 5 – 4×2 Dual Control
    pdf_20 ELITE 2 EURO 5 – 4 x 2 RHS
    pdf_20 ELITE 2 EURO 5 – 6 x 4 Dual Control
    pdf_20 ELITE 2 EURO 5 – 6 x 4 RHS
    pdf_20 ELITE 2 EURO 5 – 8 x 4 RHS

    The Elite 2 is a state of the art bespoke custom vehicle developed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of the municipal waste collector. The vehicle’s most important and unique feature is its true one step entry and exit cab. Coupled with tall and wide door openings and large well positioned grab handles, the vehicle provides operators with the easiest and safest entry and exit of any vehicle in its class. Furthermore, the nearly flat floor and true stand up height across the full width of the cab allows operators to safely enter and exit the vehicle from the curb side – avoiding risky traffic side entry and exits – a further plus for operator safety. The cab is fully ECE R29 certified and is manufactured out of Cromweld stainless steel, ensuring a high degree of corrosion resistance and safety. With its largest in class cabin, large glass areas for outstanding visibility, and a complete state of the art mirror package the Elite 2 is designed to make your company more productive and your drivers safer and more comfortable.

    While the vehicle has been designed to meet the needs of the municipal waste collector, it is available in a wide variety of configurations, ensuring that any operator who is required to enter and exit the vehicle repeatedly can benefit from the Elite 2s unique set of features and benefits.

    Cummins ISL engine and Allison transmissions

    When it comes to heavy duty diesel engines and automatic transmissions no one does it better than Cummins and Allison. The ISL Euro V is the latest in mid size engine power from Cummins and has been derived from the proven ISC engine that has been the engine of choice for refuse operators over many years in Australia. The new ISL Euro V variant offers more power and torque with less fuel consumption and better emissions than its predecessor and meets the stringent requirements of Euro V and ADR 80/03 with proven SCR technology. The engine is available in the base chassis at a rating of 280 hp and in the 8×4 chassis at 320 hp. The Allison 3000 World Series Transmission family is a proven performer whose reliability and durability is legendary and it is available in a wide range of configurations to ensure that your Elite 2s performance will exceed your expectations. Ensuring that both the engine and the transmission are operating at their desired operating temperature is an advanced cooling system, with a unique side by side radiator/charge air cooling configuration that is designed to reduce the chances of radiator/CAC clogging.